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15% daily for 7 days (105%); 8% daily for 15 days (120%);5.5% daily for 28 days (154%)
Min Spend: $ 10
Max Spend: $ 100,000
Referral Bonus: 5%
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Advcash Bitcoin Payeer PerfectMoney
Our Investment: $
Fast, secure, profitable! Implementation of software and hardware in an online business is becoming more popular and progressive from day to day. A company DEALFEE is no exception. Our advantage over other companies is in our business, we use only our own software developments and solutions. The essence of our business is in using intelligent search programs for the detection in the Internet of the most favorable exchange rate at any given time in this area of the currency pair ​​exchange. You probably paid attention that the exchange rate of one currency to another is quoted up to ten decimal places. This seemingly insignificant difference allows you to earn a very substantial amount of money if you implement this difference for a profit, using specially designed software, producing hundreds of thousands of transactions in the automatic mode when the same amount repeatedly involved in the means of exchange, increasing working capital and total profit.
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